Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Featured user and winner of the monthly likaholix contest - Vanessa Richins

It's September 1st and it's time to declare the winner for our August Monthly Contest. First of all thanks to the top five users on Likaholix for creating more than 2500 Likes this month.

Our winner this month is Vanessa Richins who is a garden writer and educator who has been working with plants for almost all her life. Vanessa has shared more than 500 of her likes in bunch of varied subjects from music, books and tv shows to her pet passion - plants, gardening and flowers.

A big thanks also to Judy J who came in a close second. Judy is a blogger and her blog is at http://www.earthfinds.com/ Judy is the master of finding great deals for home products on the web. Visit her profile to find the best deals for doors, fences or cabinets. She is a prolific Likaholic with almost 1000 Likes on here profile.

Finally, we are also kicking off the September monthly contest. We are giving away a grand prize of $200 to the winner of the contest. Check out more details here - http://likaholix.com/contests

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