Friday, July 24, 2009

Lists, Levels and Contests - New Features on Likaholix

The reason I haven't updated this blog is that I have been busy writing code for a bunch of new features on Likaholix. Here is a short summary of what's new

Levels - You can achieve various Likaholix levels as you accumulate points. You can get points for creating Likes. Likes without comments count for 1 point and Likes with comments get you 3 points. The higher your Likaholix level, the more we will feature your profile across the site and the more your likes will get recommended to other users. Black Ninja an invitation only level, is the highest level you can achieve on Likaholix. You are more likely to become a Black Ninja once you become a Fiery Pro. Read more here

Lists - Organize your likes by making lists of your favorite things. To kickstart this feature we are announcing a "List of the Week" (LOTW) competition. Every Friday we will pick a winner who gets an Amazon Gift Card for $25. Read more here

Contests - We have a new tab on Likaholix called Contests. We will be announcing 1-3 contests every week. Other than the List of the Week contest. We are also going to be picking one user every week for contributing to the Likaholix community and making great recommendations. Check out the Person of the Week contest to learn more

As always suggestions and feedback more than welcome. Just drop me a line at

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