Thursday, May 14, 2009

Featured this week - Ian, Kevin, Vanessa, Callisto and Abdul

The list of users featured this week are

Ian May- Ian is a tastemaker in beer. He has great craft beer likes. I sttill need to try some of his recommendations out. His blog/home page is at -

Kevin Winter - Kevin is a student and goes to school at Kentucky Wesleyan College. He is a self-proclaimed app addict and is a tastemaker in books and freeware. You can follow him on twitter at

Vanessa - Vanessa is a tastemaker in fashion and movies. She is a college student with a passion for theatre,art and fashion

J. Abdul-Qahhar - Abdul is a tastemaker in books. He describes himself as a "nerd that likes to read, play guitar, surf the web and watch horror flicks". He also friendfeeds at I personally like all his science fiction likes.

Callisto -
She has a bunch of very eclectic likes. She is a girl gamer, music nerd (particularly into visual kei), Christian, reader, artist, musician, web and graphic designer, photographer, animal lover, internet geek, smart alec. Her blog is at -

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  1. Wow, thank you! I feel so special. I look forward to the contests, too.