Sunday, April 19, 2009

Link your Likaholix and Twitter accounts and get more twitter followers

I have linked my Twitter and Likaholix accounts and publish my likes as tweets. Ever since, I have found that twitter accounts that I am interested in find and follow me. Likaholix makes it easy to tweet your likes and automatically adds the appropriate #topic to your tweet. To prevent crowding your twitter feed we currently do not publish more than one tweet. Since I have started tweeting my likes, I have had people who share my likes in chocolate, artisan tea and diet products find and follow me. Try it out yourself: Once your are logged into Likaholix click on the Twitter icon below the like something box to link your twitter account to Likaholix.

1 comment:

  1. This indeed could be a great reason for many people to start using likaholix.

    I would suggest that you add a category called "product features" and let people like me comment. I am thinking of a couple of uses for likaholix.

    ps: looking forward to my a/c.