Thursday, April 9, 2009

Featured this week - new feature on Likaholix

I easily spend a couple of hours everyday browsing through Likaholix and come across many interesting profile pages. I have decided to start sharing some of them with all of you in the form of a new feature called "Featured this week". Every week, I will pick 3-5 users to feature on the explore page. I will also be adding this module to the home page as well.

For this week, I decided to start with a few users who have been on the site for sometime and whom I have gotten to know pretty well

The list of featured users this week are -

Shevonne Polastre - Shevonne has great taste in anime and post all sorts of interesting art likes. Shevonne, is a power social media user and hangs out on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. She also blogs at

Niniane Wang - Niniane is a former Googler and a friend of mine. She was a alpha user of Likaholix and continues to provide really valuable feedback about the site. I am especially fascinated with her geek chic fashion likes. Her blog is extremely funny and you can find it at -

Aimee Young - I got to know Aimee through Likaholix. A lot of her tastes match with mine and I have discovered a bunch of beauty products and cheeses thanks to her. Aimee has a very interesting blog at

Check out their Likaholix profiles and like them to get their likes on your recommended stream. Drop me a line at if you want to be featured or want to recommend someone to be featured.

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