Thursday, April 16, 2009

Featured this week - Alex, Gary, Matthew and Justine

The list of users featured this week are

Alex Scoble - Alex has a bunch of really good home theater likes. He describes himself as Home theater nut, gamer and IT Security Professional with CISSP. He has a blog at -

Justine Ezarik - Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine recently joined Likaholix. In a couple of days she became one of the most popular people on Likaholix. Over 1000 people like her on Likaholix. Her very popular blog is at and she tweets at

Gary M - Gary is from LA and is a tastemaker in music. He is a pretty prolific Likaholixer with over a 1000 likes. His twitter is at -

Matthew P - Matthew is from LA as well. Another prolific Likaholixer who has some interesting bars to recommend. I am definitely checking out some of the bars he likes next time in LA, esp since he likes Bourbon and Branch my favorite bar in SF. His twitter is at -

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