Friday, March 6, 2009

Private beta sign-ups are now closed on Likaholix

Thanks to your response and support, we now have enough beta users that for the moment we are closing beta sign-ups. You can still go ahead and request an account here but will need to wait till March15th to receive an invite. We are hoping by than we would made some significant improvements based on the initial round of feedback.

We will also be publishing a list of the top 30 users on that day. Like we mention here 5 winning entries from this list will each receive an Amazon Kindle. Please note that this list will constantly update based on your Likaholix statistics.

Likaholix is not very much fun without friends, so our beta users will continue to get 10 invites. There are also a few invites left in some of the blogs that covered us.

On a separate note, we have been working frantically over the last couple of days and have made multiple improvements to make the site much faster. So if you are beta user who left because you were frustrated with site speed. Please come back and check it out again.


  1. Really digging the site, but I have a question since there was no contact address(or at least I could not find one) I'm a Tastemaker, and wanted to put myself in the movies and video game category as well, is there a way I can change and make myself this?

    Thanks for all your time

    -Cody Rapol

  2. Cody Rapol - You can send email to and yes, we can add you as tastemaker in both those categories

  3. This is interesting. Will it soon be that only members can invite or does everyone just go to the home page and invite themselves or whoever?