Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Featured user and winner of the monthly likaholix contest - Vanessa Richins

It's September 1st and it's time to declare the winner for our August Monthly Contest. First of all thanks to the top five users on Likaholix for creating more than 2500 Likes this month.

Our winner this month is Vanessa Richins who is a garden writer and educator who has been working with plants for almost all her life. Vanessa has shared more than 500 of her likes in bunch of varied subjects from music, books and tv shows to her pet passion - plants, gardening and flowers.

A big thanks also to Judy J who came in a close second. Judy is a blogger and her blog is at http://www.earthfinds.com/ Judy is the master of finding great deals for home products on the web. Visit her profile to find the best deals for doors, fences or cabinets. She is a prolific Likaholic with almost 1000 Likes on here profile.

Finally, we are also kicking off the September monthly contest. We are giving away a grand prize of $200 to the winner of the contest. Check out more details here - http://likaholix.com/contests

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lists, Levels and Contests - New Features on Likaholix

The reason I haven't updated this blog is that I have been busy writing code for a bunch of new features on Likaholix. Here is a short summary of what's new

Levels - You can achieve various Likaholix levels as you accumulate points. You can get points for creating Likes. Likes without comments count for 1 point and Likes with comments get you 3 points. The higher your Likaholix level, the more we will feature your profile across the site and the more your likes will get recommended to other users. Black Ninja an invitation only level, is the highest level you can achieve on Likaholix. You are more likely to become a Black Ninja once you become a Fiery Pro. Read more here

Lists - Organize your likes by making lists of your favorite things. To kickstart this feature we are announcing a "List of the Week" (LOTW) competition. Every Friday we will pick a winner who gets an Amazon Gift Card for $25. Read more here

Contests - We have a new tab on Likaholix called Contests. We will be announcing 1-3 contests every week. Other than the List of the Week contest. We are also going to be picking one user every week for contributing to the Likaholix community and making great recommendations. Check out the Person of the Week contest to learn more

As always suggestions and feedback more than welcome. Just drop me a line at feedback@likaholix.com

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Featured this week - Ian, Kevin, Vanessa, Callisto and Abdul

The list of users featured this week are

Ian May- Ian is a tastemaker in beer. He has great craft beer likes. I sttill need to try some of his recommendations out. His blog/home page is at - http://wildcabbage.net/

Kevin Winter - Kevin is a student and goes to school at Kentucky Wesleyan College. He is a self-proclaimed app addict and is a tastemaker in books and freeware. You can follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/kevinwinter

Vanessa - Vanessa is a tastemaker in fashion and movies. She is a college student with a passion for theatre,art and fashion

J. Abdul-Qahhar - Abdul is a tastemaker in books. He describes himself as a "nerd that likes to read, play guitar, surf the web and watch horror flicks". He also friendfeeds at http://friendfeed.com/djinn1973 I personally like all his science fiction likes.

Callisto -
She has a bunch of very eclectic likes. She is a girl gamer, music nerd (particularly into visual kei), Christian, reader, artist, musician, web and graphic designer, photographer, animal lover, internet geek, smart alec. Her blog is at - http://msgamesnark.blogspot.com/

Friday, April 24, 2009

Featured this week - Amani, Pratima and Ronin

The list of users featured this week are

Ronin - Ronin is a tastemaker in photography and anime. Every single like that he posts is really thought out and tends to be really good quality. He has a blog at - http://www.hitokiri.com/blog/

Pratima Gogineni - Pratima is a good friend and has been on Likaholix for over six months. She likes everything from books to babies to pet-gear.. She is a tastemaker in baby and books.

Amani Roberts - Amani is a tastemaker in tv shows. He is from LA. His recommendations from hotels and beaches are great. He friendfeeds at: http://friendfeed.com/mirthnadir

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Link your Likaholix and Twitter accounts and get more twitter followers

I have linked my Twitter and Likaholix accounts and publish my likes as tweets. Ever since, I have found that twitter accounts that I am interested in find and follow me. Likaholix makes it easy to tweet your likes and automatically adds the appropriate #topic to your tweet. To prevent crowding your twitter feed we currently do not publish more than one tweet. Since I have started tweeting my likes, I have had people who share my likes in chocolate, artisan tea and diet products find and follow me. Try it out yourself: Once your are logged into Likaholix click on the Twitter icon below the like something box to link your twitter account to Likaholix.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Featured this week - Alex, Gary, Matthew and Justine

The list of users featured this week are

Alex Scoble - Alex has a bunch of really good home theater likes. He describes himself as Home theater nut, gamer and IT Security Professional with CISSP. He has a blog at - http://itmanager.blogs.com/

Justine Ezarik - Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine recently joined Likaholix. In a couple of days she became one of the most popular people on Likaholix. Over 1000 people like her on Likaholix. Her very popular blog is at http://ijustine.com and she tweets at http://twitter.com/ijustine

Gary M - Gary is from LA and is a tastemaker in music. He is a pretty prolific Likaholixer with over a 1000 likes. His twitter is at - http://www.twitter.com/madmojo

Matthew P - Matthew is from LA as well. Another prolific Likaholixer who has some interesting bars to recommend. I am definitely checking out some of the bars he likes next time in LA, esp since he likes Bourbon and Branch my favorite bar in SF. His twitter is at - http://twitter.com/claytonhowl

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Featured this week - new feature on Likaholix

I easily spend a couple of hours everyday browsing through Likaholix and come across many interesting profile pages. I have decided to start sharing some of them with all of you in the form of a new feature called "Featured this week". Every week, I will pick 3-5 users to feature on the explore page. I will also be adding this module to the home page as well.

For this week, I decided to start with a few users who have been on the site for sometime and whom I have gotten to know pretty well

The list of featured users this week are -

Shevonne Polastre - Shevonne has great taste in anime and post all sorts of interesting art likes. Shevonne, is a power social media user and hangs out on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. She also blogs at http://freeagentwriter.com/

Niniane Wang - Niniane is a former Googler and a friend of mine. She was a alpha user of Likaholix and continues to provide really valuable feedback about the site. I am especially fascinated with her geek chic fashion likes. Her blog is extremely funny and you can find it at - http://niniane.blogspot.com/

Aimee Young - I got to know Aimee through Likaholix. A lot of her tastes match with mine and I have discovered a bunch of beauty products and cheeses thanks to her. Aimee has a very interesting blog at http://brandsaredead.wordpress.com/

Check out their Likaholix profiles and like them to get their likes on your recommended stream. Drop me a line at feedback@likaholix.com if you want to be featured or want to recommend someone to be featured.